The truth about the Electronic Cigarette

Ovale is manufacturer, distributor and retailer of electronic cigarettes, eliquids and more.


In order to offer more and more reliable products, OVALE has founded a research and development department in Rome composed of engineers specialized in the analysis of liquids and technology for electronic cigarette.

Within this research department OVALE has also created a technical assistance center (CAT) that has, among other taks, the purpose to analyze products, resolve any critical issues and pursue a constant refinement, both from a qualitative and technological point of view at the service of the consumer.

Ovale research and development Image

OVALE invests in the RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT with which products are realized with the latest technological innovations.

Tests on OVALE e-liquids

Following are the results of tests carried out by University centres and international research bodies.
The OVALE electronic cigarette, used with OVALE liquid, releases only a third of nicotine compared to a conventional cigarette.
The finding comes from one of the most important American laboratory, the Arista Laboratories, after months of testing and gathering results.
Using the OVALE electronic cigarette (Elips) with the most powerful emission capacity, charged with the liquid containing the maximum amount of nicotine (16 mg per ml), it was established that the total amount of nicotine intake for every 10 inhalations, corresponds to about 0,3 mg per ml, which is only one third compared to a conventional cigarette which releases about 0,9 mg per ml for every 10 inhalations.
These figures are well below the legal limit intended for the conventional cigarette which is 1 mg per ml.
The standard method used for testing the e- cigarettes is the same as the conventional one accepted for the testing of ordinary cigarettes.
The procedures involved are ISO certified and consist in a series of tests conduct with the use of a so called “smoking machine” to which were installed two different OVALE e-cigarettes models, Elips and Emini. Both were charged with OVALE liquids containing 16 and 9 mg per ml of nicotine. The test consisted in the machine performing inhalations and then analyse the filters for the amount and concentration of the substances released.

OVALE liquids: test results from the University “Federico II”

The substances contained in OVALE liquids are not harmful to human health.
The findings come from a study performed by the staff of the chemistry department of the Federico II University in Naples.
“We have tested some of the OVALE liquids in our research laboratory” explains Marco Trifuoggi, lecturer of analytical chemistry of polluting agents at the Federico II University in Naples. “The liquids are water based and contain natural aromas and, in some cases, nicotine. We have looked for traces of harmful toxic metals but only found metals naturally present in water and natural aromas such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
The purpose of the test was to find tangible quantity of arsenic, manganese, chrome, vanadium, lead and so on. The results have detected a minimal presence well within the limit compatible with the use of these products. Further tests were made to trace the presence of organic solvents, organic substances containing chlorinate or chloroform which can derive from manufacturing process and are toxic and harmful. Once again we have observed that the products tested proved to be free of such substance.