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What is an electronic cigarette?
The electronic cigarette is a device that can substitute a traditional cigarette. The technology requires the use of a special fluid, known as “ (e-liquid)” The liquid is vaporized and inhaled as if smoking a conventional cigarette. The basic components of an electronic cigarette are:
Atomizer – Turns e-liquid into vapour.
Battery – Supplies energy to the atomizer.
Chamber – Holds e-liquid (cartridge.)
Mouthpiece – Through which the liquid is inhaled

What is the difference between automatic and manual batteries?
Automatic batteries are equipped with a sensor and do not require the pressing of a button in order to smoke. Manual batteries, on the other hand, have a button which is held down while inhaling. Some OVALE batteries have a “pass-through” capacity and can be smoked while charging.

How long do atomizers and cartridges last?
The useful life of an atomizer depends on how it is used. It can be expected to last anywhere between two weeks to two months. If you vape heavily, the lifespan of your atomizer will be shorter. Likewise, vaping less will extend the lifespan of your atomizer. Both atomizers and cartridges should be replaced regularly.

Why do I sometimes get a burnt taste?
It could be caused by a brand new and dry atomizer. Prime the new atomizer with some drops of e-liquid before inhaling. Avoid filling the cartridge to its full capacity.

How do I look after my electronic cigarette?
We suggest you disassemble and clean your cigarette at least once a week. Using a microfiber or cotton cloth. Regular cleaning will extend the life of your e-cigarette. If the device heats up while you’re vaping, stop using it and allow it to cool down. Avoid keeping the button continuously pressed or pressed for too long. This can cause the atomizer to over work and heat up.


Is OVALE quality certified?
OVALE is proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our constant aim is to improve on the quality standards and innovation, to guarantee safe new products to our customers.
All our products are thoroughly tested before being launched on the market. Our comprehensive selection has been created to satisfy the most demanding smokers.

Do electronic cigarettes release tar and carbon monoxide?
They definitely don’t. The electronic cigarette is free from tar, carbon monoxide, and any other harmful chemicals typically found in traditional cigarettes.

Why choose OVALE?
OVALE is ISO 9001 quality certified. OVALE e-liquids are entirely produced in Italy and comply with the pharmaceutical international standards.
The exclusive Italian design makes OVALE products particularly elegant and fashionable.
OVALE produces a line of products remarkable for their cutting edge technology, reliability and safety.
The ongoing investment into research and development, guarantees innovative and reliable new products.
All OVALE shops offer direct support to customers on all products.


What accessories are available?
OVALE accessories are designed to improve vaping by making the whole experience as comfortable as possible. Portable charging devices guarantee you never run out of power. Specially designed cases, pouches and necklaces are perfect to safely carry your electronic cigarette with you.

Do you stock spare parts at all times?
Yes, we do. At OVALE, we strive to give the best customer service possible by keeping our shelves fully stocked.


What is vaping?
Vaping is the act of inhaling vapour using a personal vaporizer like an OVALE electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette perfectly simulates the pleasure of smoking. The liquid is inhaled in the form of a dense steam very similar to cigarette smoke, but more aromatic and plentiful, with the advantage of no tar or paper combustion typical of traditional cigarettes.

How can OVALE help me?
Changing to electronic cigarettes can bring a physical as well as a psychological benefit.

What are the benefits of vaping?
Unlike traditional cigarettes, the electronic cigarette doesn’t contain tar, carbon monoxide or any of the 4.000 odd chemicals known to be carcinogenic agents . Another advantage is the elimination of passive smoking.
Numerous scientific studies have found the e-cigarette to be much safer compared to smoking a conventional cigarette.
OVALE is value for money. Within a month, you can really cut down on cost compared to traditional cigarettes. Guaranteed savings!
No more Cigarette odour: You can choose from many OVALE e-liquids; From fine tobacco to crisp fruity aromatic flavours.
Environmental Benefits: Electronic cigarettes don’t pollute like normal cigarettes. Vaping is comparatively eco-friendly because it doesn’t produce any cigarette butts, ash, or smoke.
No More Fires: Because of no combustion involved, the risks of cigarette related fires are reduced to nil.
Social Benefits: OVALE e-cigarettes look very stylish and are considered to be a powerful status symbol. Above all, their use is a testimonial to a healthier, smoke free life for yourself and the people around you.


What are your sales and shipping policies?
OVALE guarantees fast shipping anywhere in the world.
We accept PayPal payments or bank transfer.
For any enquiries click here.