About us

We are OVALE, the worldwide leader in personal vaping products. OVALE has been helping people to switch to a better lifestyle. We can help you, too. If you’re thinking of switching to vaping, we have everything you will ever need.

Ovale group is the world leader for the production, distribution and sale of electronic cigarettes and their accessories. Ovale has successfully produced a line of products remarkable for their cutting edge technology, reliability, and safety.

In the last 12 years Ovale has created a growing international network in Europe, America and Asia.

The characteristic and different design of our products have been created in order to satisfy all type of smokers.

OVALE is the global leader in vaping products. From e-cigarettes to e-liquids, we aim to bring you the best vaping products available today. We place utmost importance on customer relationship OVALE is a multinational company with extensive experience and we are represented in over 12 countries worldwide. Patented technologies, certified products, satisfied customers – OVALE is the true definition of premium vaping.

We are striving to create products able to perfectly simulate the pleasure of smoking, without negative collateral effects usually associated with traditional tobacco products.

OVALE aims to establish a worldwide distribution chain, committed to serve our clients with integrity and competence. Just with achieving these aims we will be able to bring the world of electronic smoking to a new level.

OVALE invests both in R&D to bring stability and innovation in the world of electronic cigarettes.

Constant attention to safety.

We use the best materials and technological expertise. We conduct extensive laboratory research and perform specific tests to ensure products of the highest standard of safety. The exclusive Italian design makes the OVALE electronic cigarettes unique in this market.

Our products are unique, just like our customers!

We want our clients to be the beneficiaries of our value for money products. Our products have become so widely popular by word of mouth, thanks to the positive response from our first customers.